A luxury catering experience for special occasions

Are you looking for catering for your wedding, company party, fair, festival or any other event or special occasion? Or do you prefer to enjoy our packages, which we deliver or prepare at home? We are ready to take your event or special occasion to the next level.


On-site catering

Are you looking for "catering on location? At BBakker Culinair, we bring the culinary experience to your chosen venue, whether it's a wedding, garden party or business meeting. Indoors or outdoors, we provide catering that perfectly matches the atmosphere of the location.

Food truck on the premises

Discover "food truck on the premises" at BBakker Culinair. We deliver the culinary experience at your business, whether it's freshly made sushi, a festive occasion with amuse bouches or a special celebration. With carefully crafted menus and beautiful presentation, we take your event to the next level.

Cook at home

Interested in a "chef at home"? BBakker Culinair provides an unforgettable culinary experience at your home, whether it's an intimate dinner, gathering of friends, birthday or special celebration. At BBakker Culinair, we enjoy helping to create a successful day.

Luxury catering for groups or events.

At BBakker Culinary, we offer unique luxury catering that fits seamlessly into your special occasion. Whether it's a large-scale event or an intimate get-together, our flexible catering options, including location catering, in-home services and chef-on-duty, adapt to your needs. Our dedicated team ensures that every detail counts, making your event an extraordinary memory. Experience the finesse of luxury catering with BBakker Culinary, where your satisfaction is paramount.

Experience our delivered or home-cooked culinary packages.

Our packages include the Surprise Menu, Oyster Box and Amuse Box. Ideal for smaller groups. The surprise menu is prepared at your home, while the other options are carefully curated and delivered. Whether it's delicious meals, flavorful amuses or fresh oysters for a special occasion, you'll find the perfect culinary treat with us. For larger groups, please contact us for customized options and custom solutions.

What others say.

Martin Moss

Ordered delicious Easter brunch from Booy. This is delivered by him at home and provided with explanations. Delicious fresh products of very good quality. So you can eat out luxuriously in your own home. Highly recommended and worth repeating!

Kim De Boer

Booy provided the amuse bouches at the opening of my new hair salon. All the guests who attended were raving about it! Booy is very professional and creative. Not only were the dishes delicious, you also get a very happy and positive person! Highly recommended!

Wesley van Eerden

Weekend away to callantsoog, on advice we hired a private chef for the first time and my first experience is very positive! Ordered the 5 course menu, everything was arranged plates/wine/amuses/bread and of course delicious dishes.

Dirk Kool

Extraordinarily good! We ordered the 12 oysters, all three flavors matched the oysters perfectly.

E. Kempe

Private chef hired at home. What an experience, normally we eat out at a restaurant but this time just at our home. Booy takes care of everything from plates to the wine! Great food!

Quint Liezen

Recently ordered the Amuse Box from Booy Bakker and to my surprise received a fantastic box of delicious treats delivered! The crate it was delivered in was already very sturdy and beautiful to look at! And then of course the contents amuses that are star worthy! fantastic! I would order another crate from him soon!

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  • EK 🦁🧡 Vandaag een heerlijke barbecue verzorgd tijdens de wedstrijd! Benieuwd naar de mogelijkheden? Laat het ons weten en wellicht staan we de volgende wedstrijd voor jullie te koken 👨‍🍳#catering #food #koken #buffet #burgers #instagram #nederland #eten
  • PRIVÉ DINER 🌷Heeft u een speciale gelegenheid, een verjaardag of een andere gelegenheid waarbij het diner culinair verzorgd mag worden? Wij verzorgen dit voor u! Het enige wat u hoeft te doen, is gezellige mensen uitnodigen met wie u samen van de culinaire gerechten kunt te genieten. Om te reserveren kunt u bellen of mailen naar: 📞 +31620627329✉️ info@bbakkerculinair.nl#privediner #verjaardag #birthdaydiner #culinair #bbakker #bbakkerculinair #privatechef #wijn #zomer #gerechten #genieten #familieenvrienden #samengenieten
  • SEIZOEN WEER GEOPEND 🍇Het mooie weer komt er aan! Dat houdt in dat er weer mooie en leuke evenementen zullen plaatsvinden waarbij BBakkerculinair aanwezig zal zijn. Ook ben ik weer in volle gang met de catering. Wil jij dat ik bij jou thuis het complete diner kom verzorgen? Wees op tijd met de reservering, want het gaat erg hard! Ik heb er zin in! Reserveren kan via de website (www.bbakkerculinair.nl) #luxecatering #bbakkerculinair #zomerseizoen #evemenenten #zomer #warmweer #zon #gezelligeten #diner #chefkok #privekok #privatechef #culinair #bbakker
  • TUSSENGERECHT Een heerlijk winters tussengerecht van aardappel en pekelvlees. 📷 @memi.jpg #privatechef #memi #kleurrijk #pekelvlees #wintergerecht #privediner #chefkok #kokaanhuis #bbakkerculinair #finedining #tussengerecht #luxe #eten
  • DINER IN DE ACHTERTUIN 🏡Na alle kou en regen, komen we steeds dichter bij het mooie weer. Dat betekent dat we weer buiten kunnen genieten van een heerlijk verzorgd diner bij u thuis of in uw achtertuin.#bbakkerculinair #achtertuin #privediner #chefkok #culinair #kokenuiteigentuin #verseproducten #privatechef #kokaanhuis #luxecatering
  • ZOMER ☀️De drukte na de feestdagen is weer voorbij en daarom zijn wij al druk bezig met de voorbereidingen voor de zomer! 📷 @memi.jpg #summeriscomming #bbakkerculinair #luxe #feestdagen #privatechef #culinair #diner #lunch #verseproducten #uiteigentuin